Quarterly Financial Accounts

Quarterly Financial Accounts (QFA) present a complete and consistent set of quarterly data for all sectors of the Irish economy. They provide comprehensive information on the economic activities of households, non-financial corporations, financial corporations and government and the rest of the world. The whom-to-whom tables provide information on the interactions between these sectors with each other.

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Quarterly Financial Accounts for Ireland 2016 Q4 | pdf 934 KB


Financial Accounts for Ireland Q1 2010 to present - ESA 2010 | xls 1624 KB Whom-to-whom Tables Q1 2012 to present - ESA 2010 | xls 1093 KB

 Cross Country Comparison of Most Highly Indebted EU countries, 2012-2016

Cross Country comparison of Most Highly Indebted EU Countries, 2012-2016