Mortgage Arrears 

If you are in arrears or in danger of going into arrears, you should contact your lender without delay.  Your lender will have specially trained personnel available to help you get back on track. Do not worry about losing your tracker rate if you have one- lenders cannot remove your tracker just because you are in arrears.

Please have a look at our new Consumer Guide to help you deal with your lender should you fall into mortgage arrears. This guide is also available in Irish - An Cód Iompair um Riaráistí Morgáiste - Treoir do Thomhaltóirí. The Central Bank has also issued a binding Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears which sets out how lenders must deal with borrowers in arrears.

If you are in mortgage arrears or you are worried about mortgage arrears, you can contact the new Mortgage Arrears Information Helpline on 0761 07 4050, Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm or visit their website This is a new initiative overseen by the Department of Social Protection.

The Central Bank issued an industry standard format for the Standard Financial Statement (SFS), which is a document used by lenders to gather relevant financial information from borrowers in arrears or pre-arrears.  The SFS is vital to the effectiveness of the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process and the standard format is to ensure assessments of cases are based on a common analysis of their financial circumstances.  A guide for consumers on completing the SFS is available here.